Nori Guido

NORI GUIDO company was founded in 1977, meanwhile the founder had already acquired esperience as a manufacurer in the previous five years, a period in which the production technology of bimetal bandsaw blades started to put its bases in Europe. Over 40 years of product knowledge enable us today to provide targeted advice for cutting applications and enable us to develop new products and geometries thanks to market feedback .

Competence, quality and service are the features that define our reality and distinguish our product range.
Our team will be able to have you a guide in choosing the best product for your needs you  we will be your cutting consultants.

Get in touch with our departments

Our staff is at your disposal to satisfy specific requests. Send your message to our managers and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

A Quality ISO 9001: 2015

We obtained ISO 9001 certificates by early 1996, and each year we submit our production processes to inspections of evaluation by qualified external organs and for over 20 years confirm the effectiveness of our quality policy according to the ISO standard.



 ICIM Certificate and IQNet